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baka Jun 16

the 2007 floor market can be described as a boom, but the reporter visited the other floor brands, but found that sales are not satisfactory. According to a dealer introduced, the beginning of last year when the city decorated the sea, not only the weekend, working days to buy a lot of people to buy decorative materials.

But this year is not, individual brand floor can only be held through special promotional activities to achieve the purpose of improving sales. Some small brand floor in the fund publicity and brand appeal are weak in the case, it is difficult to grasp the market share. Analysis of the industry, Nanjing,

a total of more than 700 floor brands, the competition is quite intense, some of the brand has a strong desire to make a big price none other, the brand ring price concessions, consumers will rush, small brands must not compete with, Will gradually be squeezed out. So look at the flooring market, this year's situation is very grim,

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