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diou Jun 14

Don’t Wear Suede and Canvas Shoes During Rainy Days

How many times has it happened to you that you wore the wrong kind of shoes during a rainy day?

Sadly, I’ve fallen victim to this situation too many times—mostly because the rain ambushed me and drenched my favorite pairs. While the first instinct is to advise you to wear waterproof shoes or boots, it’s also important to know what not to wear during the rainy season. Unless you want them to get ruined in the downpour, you better equip yourself to be safe.

Leather-soled shoes

Business Insider breaks down all the reasons why you should keep your dress shoes during rainy days. Leather-soled shoes can absorb water, and if it absorbs too much, the soles might crack and break. Hence, your socks will get wet and you’ll be dealing with a squishy mess while walking.

Anything suede

While there’s a lot of discussion on whether suede shoes can get ruined in the rain or not, but the common problem is that they easily get water stains. If you really can’t help it, the best tip is to protect your shoes with waterproofing spray before going out. GQ also has a few easy tips on getting rid of existing water stains and reviving your shoes.

Tall, bulky rain boots

Not everyone can handle tall boots during rainy days. If you’re one of those people, it’s best you stay away from them to avoid unwanted slips. Huffington Post suggests that you stick with your ankle-length rubber boots if you’re doing a lot a of walking.

Canvas shoes

Just like with any article of clothing, fabrics can easily get wet and feel heavy when it gets wet. Canvas shoes are no exception to this. Although, Bustle does advise that these kinds of shoes can let your feet breathe. You just need to apply products to keep them protected from puddles. Still, it doesn’t hurt to avoid the risks.

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