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diou May 8

Why are beauty brands turning to crystals?

If you’re sceptical about whether skin products can genuinely reduce wrinkles, the idea of adding crystals into the mix might just tip you over the edge. Bear with me, though. Over the past few years, new-age healing techniques, such as crystals, reiki and sound baths have been incorporated into stress-reducing treatments in spas across the country.

Espa has recently launched its Mindful Facial treatment, which employs rose quartz crystals to massage your face, release tension and tone your skin, and at the Hotel Café Royal spa in London you can even book a session with a holistic reiki master and crystal healer. So maybe it’s no surprise that skincare brands are turning to crystals to enhance their offerings. ‘It is widely accepted now that the presence of such elements can benefit one’s psyche and uplift you spiritually,’ says Millie Kendall, co-founder of Beauty Mart.

Companies such as Själ and Prismologie champion all types of rock in their formulas, including citrine to boost energy and diamonds to promote clarity. While Prismologie’s body lotions and Själ’s cleansers and serums are undeniably soothing, there is no scientific evidence to prove that crystals specifically promote this. Instead, it could a placebo effect brought about by the clever use of sumptuous textures and tranquil scents.

Some crystals, however, do have actual physical benefits. ‘Rubies can be used to exfoliate, and rose quartz buffs away dead skin cells and impurities, and was used as a face mask in ancient Egypt,’ says Kendall. Elemis and de Mamiel also employ rose quartz in their products, and I can vouch for the healthy glow that de Mamiel’s Brightening Cleanse and Exfoliate powder gives your skin. Likewise, the drowsiness that overcomes you after a 20-minute soak in Therapie’s Himalayan Detox Salts. And even if the feel-good factor is more in the mind, is that really such a bad thing?

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