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baka Oct 12 '17

technology, in the process of carbonization of wood only involves the temperature and water vapor, do not add any chemicals, nor add any foreign substances, so still goods gardening charcoal wood is quite environmentally friendly and safe , Is environmentally friendly materials. In addition, the carbonization treatment to some fast-growing wood has a stability, corrosion and precious wood color, these quick-acting material can replace some precious wood, so

carbonized wood has environmental significance. 3, the stability of wood in high temperature environment for carbonization, because the carbonization process to reduce the concentration of hydroxyl components in wood components to reduce the moisture absorption of wood and internal stress, so that the carbonization of wood and the exchange capacity of the water significantly decreased, thus greatly reduced The use of wood in the use of changes in water

caused by deformation, contraction and swelling. 4, moisture-resistant wood by carbonization treatment, so that the mechanism of wood water adsorption has changed, with the treatment of temperature rise, the strong hygroscopic performance of hemicellulose in the process of degradation of furfural and other substances, making the moisture loss of wood , Water molecules and wood molecules between the hydrogen bonds to reduce, thereby greatly reducing

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