Remaining confident as a freshman


Date & time Jul 30 '18
Creator Caroline Watt

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Usually, freshmen ask senior students about the one trait that which every new student must have, in order to get adjusted easily. Without any doubt, the answer would be, “confidence”. Confidence is a trait that could help a person in reaching great levels.


Students who are confident, often look more approachable and trustworthy. Moreover, they tend to reflect an assertive attitude, which is indeed the ideal communication trait. Those freshmen who are quiet all the time usually take more than 1 semester to get well-acquainted with their seniors. In order to remain confident, freshmen must present themselves with challenges at different levels. By appearing in executive member interviews for student clubs and societies, freshmen can continue to test and improve their confidence. However, this would require dedication of some time. In case freshmen have assignments due, they can always check out the writing services at and hire one for their essay assignments. Confident when they speak out, usually grasp the interest of many people around them in their immediate locality. This allows them to resonate with many others on a deeper level.


Hence, confidence is of great importance. This is especially true for freshmen, as they are the ones who face the most difficulty in socially adjusting to the environment.

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