Why do students freeze their semester?


Date & time Aug 16 '18
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In colleges, students always have the option of freezing their semester. This would be beneficial in case they have an emergency and could not continue their semester. It enables them to continue their major right from where they left, at a later time.


Many students freeze their semester when they run into financial problems. Most students happen to be very hesitant of taking student loans. This is because they remain doubtful whether they will be able to repay the loan after graduation or not. Moreover, many student loan schemes require students to serve in the college for a period of time after their graduation. Most students do not prefer such a service, which prevents them from taking the loan. Apart from that, students often freeze their semesters due to academic problems. Academic tasks such as term papers require great determination and concentration. Many students who face academic problems often rely on sources such as the one reviewed at http://www.topbritishessays.com/uk-superiorpapers-com-review\ to get their term papers written. However, they soon lose the motivation of surviving and decide to take a break. A break allows them to refresh their mind, or to look for a different career option.


Students can freeze their semester at any time of the year. However, students should keep it in mind that a frozen semester cannot be continued in the same academic year.

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